Lonegevity will clean-edit your songs.

Lonegevity will clean-edit your songs.
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Nobody likes clean edits, but sometimes they're needed for radio, television, DJ-friendly versions for parties. I have a service on Fiverr where I will clean edit any song you need for $5-10.

You'll receive a standard 16-bit/44.1k WAV audio file unless otherwise requested. For the $5 price, you must include timestamps of each edit needed. If you want me to go through the whole song & find the edits, it takes more time and costs more money. The option to skip timestamps is on the purchase page after you hit "Continue" on the package you want.

If you have the acapella AND instrumental I can get extra busy by syncing the two and keeping the beat in tact, but if you don't have those, no worries, I'll just reverse the curse/suggestive words and use other open elements to get your songs sounding impressive.

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