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BRINGING DOWN THE BAND has been sharing Indiana hip hop artists since 2009, and we went a step further in 2015 and created a hub and intentional space for Indiana hip hop music and media outside of our typical BDTB content. That then turned into indianahiphop.com

Now we curate three separate Indiana hip hop music playlists – one for just music videos and songs, one for full length streams, and one that includes both. You can navigate and check our master playlist collection below, which is a mixture of new music that both local-based and local-bred artists are releasing. If you’d like to be a curator of these playlists, contact us here via BDTB.

Before we created playlists, we were a hip hop blog with write-ups and posts of new music and more.

Visit our entire Indiana blog archive here.

THE FUTURE IS A DIRECTORY. For a while now, we’ve wanted to create a directory for Indiana artists to act as an resource guide for Indiana hip hop-related artists; aimed towards making it easier for Indiana hip hop artists to navigate their growth in different capacities.

This directory will showcase studios, producers, engineers, videographers, photographers, hip hip media brands and contacts, education/instructors, marketers, DJ’s, music attorneys, venues, and more. We understand the need for up and coming and established artists to have a go-to directory to help their journey in music, and hopefully this will be some help for all artists looking for assistance.

If you provide a service you think would be beneficial to an artist and it’s not listed in an option, please contact us via this form and we will respond and update it.